The traditional botanicals of a London Dry Gin, juniper, coriander, angelica and cubebs, contrast with a unique blend of:

Kaffir lime leaves

Providing rounded, sweet lime to lighten the aroma profile of the gin


Giving high green herbaceous notes


Hand-rubbed to release the essential oils for a longer lasting flavour, giving green spicy notes similar to the basil but with less intensity


Which gives strength and impact to the gin as it delivers an earthy note that is able to stand up to the high green notes of basil and sage

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On day one, the four botanicals and kaffir lime leaves are placed by hand in the smallest copper pot still in the distillery, Still No. 8. The remaining three botanicals – lavender, sage and basil are wrapped in muslin and immersed in the triple distilled spirit to infuse their essential oils. This technique, used by top chefs around the world is called ‘Bouquet Garni’. Each ingredient is married together to create the perfect blend.

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