Distilled to perfection

The ultra-smooth taste of Berkeley Square Gin is achieved through distilling in our small copper pot still, and also from the unique 48-hour distillation process, known as the ‘bouquet garni’ method.

Inspired by leading chefs who have used ‘bouquet garni’ to subtly impart flavour into dishes for many years, this method sees a muslin cloth bouquet of basil, lavender and sage submerged following the first distillation into the liquid, infusing with the core botanicals and kaffir lime leaves as it is still distilled for a second time.

This second distillation allows the botanicals to simmer together and the delicate oils to develop, releasing subtle flavours into the spirit. The result is a beautifully aromatic gin with a supremely smooth taste that is best appreciated neat.

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Hand-finished with finesse
The attention to detail does not finish once distillation is complete. After each bottle of Berkeley Square Gin is filled it is then closed and polished by hand.

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