The Story

With its award-winning, supremely smooth taste, Berkeley Square Gin stands proudly alongside the world’s most prestigious spirits as the best tasting sipping gin in the world. The utmost care and attention is put into the creation of this ultra-premium gin and the result is a Gin like no other; a Gin which exudes quality, style and refinement, a Gin which is perfectly at home in the residences of Mayfair and in the most exclusive venues throughout the world.

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2018: A New Era for Berkeley Square London Dry Gin
Today, production of Berkeley Square London Dry Gin takes place under the watchful eye of Head Distiller, Mr. Hegarty. Mr Hegarty has worked at G&J Distillers for over 30 years, quietly honing his craft with quiet determination in pursuit of distilling perfection. Mr Hegarty believes Berkeley Square Gin is the finest gin ever created but such is his passion for excellence, he is constantly seeking ways to surpass the outstanding standards he has already set to achieve an even higher echelon of quality.

An Exquisite Design for an Exquisite Gin
In recognition of Mr Hegarty’s pursuit for ever greater quality, Berkeley Square Gin has been re-born with a new look that encapsulates both the quality and finesse of this handcrafted gin and the timeless elegance of Berkeley Square in London’s Mayfair, which proudly bears its name on the bottle.


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