GINTESSENTIAL – Morton’s Exclusive Residence


5th September – 28th September

Mon to Fri – 5.30pm onwards


MAKE Table reservations by contacting Morton’s on 020 7499 0363


Ultra-premium London Dry Gin, Berkeley Square, is set to unveil its exquisite new look for the first time with an exclusive residence, GINTESSENTIAL, at prestigious Mayfair members’ club, Morton’s. Open to club members and Londoners alike from 5th September until 28th September, guests can expect a gin oasis like no other featuring bespoke cocktails and elegant serves created by the world’s most refined gin, Berkeley Square Gin.

The GINTESSENTIAL menu, co-created by Berkeley Square Gin and Morton’s head bartender, Constantino Armocida, includes an outstanding selection of gin cocktails that show the versatility of the UK’s favourite spirit, and also how enjoyable it can be sipped neat with only a garnish. The GINTESSENTIAL menu includes the award-winning gin brand’s signature serve, Berkeley Square Gin on the rocks, garnished with fresh basil, plus a collection of iconic Martini and Negroni cocktails designed to showcase the smooth and refined taste of Berkeley Square Gin.

“It takes a gin of outstanding quality to be sipped neat in a martini and Berkeley Square Gin is exactly that, as the GINTESSENTIAL collection goes to show. Its smoothness comes from the way in which it is made with great care and precision, taking inspiration from the culinary world with its use of the Bouquet Garni technique. I am delighted to be able to showcase this to our guests at Morton’s and celebrate the refined taste of Berkeley Square Gin in the most refined of settings, in the very heart of Berkeley Square”, says Armocida.

Each serve is designed to enhance the smooth flavour resulting from the use of the bouquet garni technique in the production of Berkeley Square Gin. The technique sees the gin’s four hero ingredients – kaffir lime leaves, lavender, sage and peppery basil – hand-wrapped in a muslin cloth and submerged into the liquid as it distils, to preserve the essential herbal oils, creating a gin of such smoothness, it can be enjoyed neat. The GINTESSENTIAL menu will be served alongside a tailor-made canapé pairing, crafted to perfectly complement the herbaceous flavours of Berkeley Square Gin for an all-round epicurean experience to remember.

Every drop of Berkeley Square Gin is distilled to perfection with each individual feature of the bottle design reflecting the characteristics and aesthetic icons of its eponymous name. The month-long residence will see Morton’s ground-floor bar transformed into a sleek botanical Mayfair haven, overlooking the prominent Berkeley Square, where guests will be transported to an era of refined elegance and style.

GINTESSENTIAL will be open to club members and the general public from the 5th September – 28th September, Monday to Friday from 5.30pm onwards at Morton’s, 28 Berkeley Square. Guests are encouraged to make table reservations by contacting Morton’s on 020 7499 0363.


Morton’s, 28 berkeley square



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